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David Batterson - Professional Book Manuscript Editing Service

Hello authors and content writers. My name is David Batterson, and would love to invite you to check out my Facebook Page and connect with me. I specialize in providing professional ghost editing, ghost writing and professional editing services to authors and content writers who may be in need of polishing up book manuscripts and other written documents to ready them for the reading public. If you have any questions, or if you’d like a quote on an editing project, send me an email.


Need a quote for an editing and proofreading project? If you are an author or a content writer, leave a comment, or send me an email ( Want to see a showcase of some of the books I’ve edited? Click here.

When contacting me through a message or email, please include a total word count of the project and upload a small sample of the writing so that I can analyze it and provide you with not only a quote, but a time-frame for completion.

Digitally signed non-disclosure statements are available upon request with receipt of payment. Thanks, Dave

What’s Included?

  1. Spelling checks & corrections
  2. Correcting any and all grammatical errors
  3. Correcting any incorrect punctuation
  4. Correcting any errors found in the dialogue
  5. Ensuring the story flows fluidly
  6. Basic structure corrections
  7. Light formatting corrections

Hard editing and ghost editing/writing may cost extra!

An invoice can be created as a detailed promissory contract and receipt for your records.


You’ll receive two versions of your completed manuscript. One will be the “corrected version“. And the other will be the “edit tracked version“.

Corrected Version: This version has all of the edits and changes applied and is ready for the next step in the publishing process.

Edit Tracked Version: This version allows you to review each and every edit made to your manuscript during the editing process.

I use Microsoft Word 2013 to edit book manuscripts and other written content. I will need a .docx file in order to take on your editing project.


I work with all types of genres in all types of categories and subcategories. Please see the FB page and look through some of the novels I’ve edited. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


Fees are roughly based on a $20.00 per 10,000 word basis. This price can go up, depending on how much work is involved in the editing process of your manuscript.

PayPal Accepted

Get in touch with me for a quote and please include a sample of the writing (appx 3,000 words), and I’ll put together a quote with a time frame for completion. Thanks, Dave

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